The Concept of Low-Carbon Town in the APEC Region - Third Edition

1521-Cover - LCMT Concept Note Third Edition
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The Concept of Low-Carbon Town in the APEC Region - Third Edition

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April 2014

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SOM Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation(SCE), Energy(EWG)





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The “Concept of the APEC Low-Carbon Town (LCT)” aims to provide a basic idea of what is a low-carbon town and an effective approach on how to develop it. The LCT Concept aims to promote the development of low-carbon towns in the APEC region by providing a basic principle that can assist the central and local government officials of the member economies in planning effective low-carbon policies and in formulating an appropriate combination of low-carbon measures while taking socio-economic conditions and city specific characteristics into consideration.

Part I
Chapter 1: Background
Chapter 2: The Concept of Low Carbon Town
Chapter 3: Basic Approach to develop Low Carbon Town
Chapter 4: Characterization of Towns and Low Carbon Measures
Chapter 5: Summary of Part 1
Part II
Chapter 1: Basic Approach to Developing a Low Carbon Town
Chapter 2: Measures to use in the Development of Low Carbon Town
Chapter 3: Evaluating the Effect of Low Carbon Measures
Chapter 4: Summary of Part 2