APEC Low Carbon Model Town (LCMT) Project Tianjin Yujiapu Feasibility Study

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APEC Low Carbon Model Town (LCMT) Project Tianjin Yujiapu Feasibility Study

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November 2011

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SOM Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation(SCE), Energy Working Group(EWG)





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The purpose of the APEC LCMT project is to promote low carbon development in cities within the APEC economies through proposed optimal low carbon development policies. In addition, the project will comprehensively examine low carbon development plans and methods while bearing in mind the local conditions and economies of every economy in the APEC region. This report can be used for LCMT Guidelines.

1. Background
2. Trends of CO2 Emissions in APEC Economies
3. Outline of the Yujiapu Financial District
4. Building the Low Carbon Model Town (LCMT) Concept in the Yujiapu Financial District
5. Summary of Low Carbon Measures for the Achievement of Targets
6. Low-carbon Urban Structural Planning
7. Design Methodology of Low carbon Architecture
8. Area Energy Planning
9. Untapped Energy Use Planning
10. Renewable Energy Use Planning
11. AEMS(Area Energy Management System)
12. Environmental planning
13. Transportation Planning
14. Examination of cost performance for low-carbon development in entire Yujiapu district