The Role of SMEs on Poor Power Empowerment: Lessons learned and sharing experiences Proceedings

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The Role of SMEs on Poor Power Empowerment: Lessons learned and sharing experiences Proceedings

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December 2010

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SOM Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation(SCE), Agricultural Technical Cooperation(ATCWG)





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This report presents the proceedings of the above APEC workshop.
The objective of the workshop were to (i) Share experiences and best practices in developing and implementing SME's development programs and policy in relation to poverty alleviations; (ii) Provide opportunity to identify the key factors which contribute to the success of the programs and consider the relevance factors to specific economy; (iii) Determine the feature of further pro-poor research and policy on SME's development which effectively be applied to APEC developing economies.

A. Overview and Synopsis: The Role of SMEs in Poor-Power Empowerment: Lesson and Learned and Sharing Experiences

B. Thematic Paper: The Capacity Building and The Role Woman
1. The Role and Development of SMEs: Key Issues and Some Australian Perspectives
2. Production Capacity Development of SMEs Through Infrastructure Development, R&D, and HRD: The Indonesian Perspective
3. The Role of Small Enterprises in Africa: Lessons from Four National Surveys
4. The Growth of SMEs Through New Agricultural Opportunity : Case of the Development of Bio-energy SMEs in Thailand
5. Enhancing the Role of Women in Small and Medium Enterprises to Eradicate Poverty and Hunger in Indonesia

C. Economy Paper: The Achievement and Future Policy Direction
1. SMEs in Chile: Its Role on Poor Power Empowerment
2. Agricultural Industrialization, Township and Village Enterprises Development and Poverty Alleviation in Rural China
3. The Role of SMEs on Poor Empowerment in Chinese Taipei: Lesson Learned and Sharing Experiences
4. The Role of MSME in Indonesia: The Current Status and Prospect
5. The Role of SME’s on Poor Power Empowerment in Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia
6. SME Development in Malaysia: Role and Functions of SME Corporation Malaysia
7. Community Enterprise : People Empowerment, Thailand Lesson Learn
8. The Role of SMEs on Poor Power Empowerment in Thailand: The Success of Cooperative Development
9. Revisiting The SMEs in The Philippines: Challenges and Issues
10. Towards Women Empowerment in Agricultural Based SMEs: The Case of the Philippines
11. The Role of SMEs on Poor Power Empowerment in Viet Nam: The Promotion of Growth with Equity