2010 CTI Annual Report to Ministers

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2010 CTI Annual Report to Ministers

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November 2010

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Committees, Committee on Trade and Investment(CTI)





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The report contains an overview of CTI’s work this year along with a series of recommendations to advance the Committee’s continued work program. CTI’s work for 2010 continued to be framed in the context of the 2007 Leader’s mandate to accelerate efforts towards the promotion of Regional Economic Integration (REI) agenda, focusing on supporting APEC’s 2010 priorities and theme of “Change and Action”.

Individual Files

  • 2010 CTI main report Download
  • Appendix 10APEC EGSIE Content and User Guidelines Download
  • Appendix 11CTIs Subfora Collective Action Plans Download
  • Appendix 12Chemical Strategic Framework 20102012 Download
  • Appendix 13Glossary of Terms Download
  • Appendix 1Services Action Plan SAP Matrix of Actions Download
  • Appendix 2APEC Strategy on Movement of Business People Download
  • Appendix 32010 APEC Initiative on Standards and Technical Barriers to Trade Download
  • Appendix 4APEC Regulatory Cooperation Process Mechanism on TradeRelated Download
  • Appendix 5SupplyChain Connectivity SC Action Plan Download
  • Appendix 6APEC Guidelines for Advance Rulings Download
  • Appendix 7APEC Strategy for Investment Download
  • Appendix 8Summary of Responses to Digital Prosperity Checklist Survey Download
  • Appendix 9Environmental Goods and Services Work Program Mapping Matrix Download